Energy up in Smoke:
The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Production


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  3. Colorado pot grows used as much energy as 35,000 homes in 2014

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  1. New study reveals massive energy consumption of pot industry

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WSBT - A study finds that indoor marijuana grows consume a staggering 1 percent of nation’s electricity



  1. -Ein Prozent des US-Stroms für Marihuana (One percent of US electricity use is for marijuana)


  1. -Le joint est mauvais pour l'environnement (Joints are bad for the environment)


  1. -Plantio de maconha nos EUA alimenta efeito estufa, diz cientista (Marijuana production in the US feeds global warming, says scientist)

  2. -Maconha: quanto cuesta o “barato” para o meio ambiente? (Marijuana: how much 

  3. -is “cheap” for the environment?)


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France -

  1. -La culture du Cannabis : une mauvaise chose pour l'environnement? (Cultivation of cannabis: bad for environment?)

  2. -La culture de Cannabis aux Etats-Unis représente 1 % de la consommation (Cannabis cultivation in the US is 1% of electricity consumption)

  3. -Fumer un joint est mauvais pour l'environnement (Smoking a joint is bad for the environment)

  4. -Journal de L’environnment - La culture illégale de marijuana: un mauvais plan pour le climat (The illegal cultivation of marijuana: a bad climate plan)

Germany - Energiefresser Marihuana (Marijuana: energy guzzler)


  1. -Η μαριχουάνα προκαλεί παγκόσμια υπερθέρμανση! (Marijuana causes global warming)


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  1. -La marijuana fa male: ai consumi energetici  (Marijuana hurts: energy consumption)


  1. -Consume cultivo de mariguana en interiores 1% de la producción de electricidad en EU (Indoor grown marijuana consumes 1% of us electricity)


  1. -Zaskakujące badanie nt. marihuany (Surprising study on marijuana)


  1. -EUA: Produção caseira de Cannabis representa 1% de todo o consumo de electricidade (USA: Production home Cannabis represents 1% of all electricity consumption)


  1. -Marijuana provoacă încălzirea globală (Marijuana causes global warming)

  2. -Producatorii de marijuana din SUA consuma energie de 5 miliarde de dolari (US marijuana growing uses energy costing $5 billion)


  1. -Producir un porro es como tener una bombilla encendida 75 horas (Producing a joint is like having a light bulb on for 75 hours)


  1. -Cannabisodlare hot mot miljön (Cannabis growers threat to environment)


  1. -HANFANBAU ALS STROMFRESSER Warnung: Dieser Joint kann Ihre Umwelt gefährden! - Neue Zürcher Zeitung (HEMP CULTIVATION AS POWER EATERS Warning: This joint can compromise your environment!) New Zurich Times


  1. -Esrar küresel ısınmaya sebep oluyor  (Marijuana causes global warming)


  1. -Pot is power hungry: why the marijuana industry's energy footprint is growing (The Guardian)